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Well, Habeas Corpus has many variations first of all It gives citizens a fair trial. But other variations of it include that if a citizen does a crime before it is considered a crime they are not required to have a court case and can go free

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bail: method of release from jail habeas corpus: prevents illegal imprisonment

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Q: What are the differences of habeas corpus?
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How did Lincoln deal with dissent-?

suspended habeas corpus

Who can file a habeas corpus?

Can I a parent file a habeas corpus on the behalf of my son who is a inmate

What has the author John Merryman written?

John Merryman has written: 'Habeas corpus' -- subject(s): Civil rights, Trials, litigation, Trials (Treason), Habeas corpus 'Habeas corpus, the proceedings in the case of John Merryman, of Baltimore County, Maryland' -- subject(s): Habeas corpus 'The Merryman habeas corpus case, Baltimore' -- subject(s): Habeas corpus

What does the habeas corpus mean literally?

Habeas corpus is Latin for "let me have the body".

What is the constitutional protection against unlawful imprisonment?

Habeas Corpus

What is the name of the constitutional protection that requires government to show a legal basis for imprisoning someone?

The writ of habeas corpus

Write of habeas corpus?

The writ of habeas corpus is an important right given to American citizens

What is a good sentence using habeas corpus?

The prisoner sought relief through a petition for habeas corpus, claiming their imprisonment was unlawful and violated their constitutional rights.

What was the significance of the writ of habeas corpus?

Habeas corpus (habeas corpus ad subjiciendum) is significant as it is used for correcting violations of personal liberty by directing judicial inquiry into the legality of a detention.

Who suspended anyone who supported the confederates?

Habeas Corpus suspended anyone who supported the confederates.

When can congress lift habeas corpus?

If Congress declares martial law, habeas corpus can be suspended. Additionally, habeas corpus does not apply to non-citizens, as shown by the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

What language does habeas come from?

Habeas corpus is Latin for 'you have the body.'