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the disadvantages of greed is that many people will run after money, which makes them arrogant and even depressed.They feel like if the resources they have around them is not enough and therefore they will run behind money so they can get the best rather than appreciating the least. k.l

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Q: What are the disadvantages of being a greedy person?
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What is the word to describe someone who does not share?

to be selfish or greedy.

Does your greed serve you well?

Depends on the situation you become greedy.. In French culture.. Being greedy might mean you're ambitious to have a higher position in a job or become someone big or anything on that matter.. But mostly on other person's expenses In most society, greediness is a bad thing and might cause problems in the future although it might be something good as in being greedy for learning and such. Generally, being greedy is considered not good for the person.

When was Stop Being Greedy created?

Stop Being Greedy was created on 1998-04-10.

Can you show the pictures of the word greedy?

show me a pic of someone being greedy

What is the definition of being mean?

Being selfish and greedy.

What is a greedy person called?


What is greedy person called?


What is the name for a greedy person?


How many advent calendars should a greedy person have?

A greedy person should have at least 31 advent calenders. 1 for each day!

What do u call a greedy person?

A miser.

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A person interested only in money?