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# Private ownership # individual initiative, # profit # competition

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Q: What are the four factors that make up the free enterprise system?
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What are the four factors underlying the free enterprise system?

There are four factors underlying a free enterprise system. They include private ownership of property, competition between businesses, individual initiative, and profit.

What are four factors of free enterprise system?

private ownership, individual initiative, profit, and competition

Identify factors in the US that made it ideal for the free enterprise system?

idnetify factors in the united states that made it ideal for the free enterprise system

What type of system is free enterprise system?

Individuals are free to won and control the factors of production

What are components of the free enterprise system?

there are four components of the free enterprise system which include: competition, the pursuit of profit, private property and the right to choose.

Four fundamental factors of free enterprise?

Private ownership Individual Initiative Profit Competition

A sentence with free enterprise system?

The United States is a free enterprise system.

Economic system in which individuals control the factors and means of production is called?

Free Enterprise

What are the four characteristics of a free enterprise system?

Private ownership individual initiative profit competition

What is a free enterprise system mean?

The Free Enterprise System is based on the right of the individual to run a business for profit with a minimum of government control. The characteristics of a free enterprise system are freedom, competition, and private ownership.

What would have the same meaning as capitalism or a market economy?

Free Enterprise System

Does Mexico have a free enterprise socialist or communist?

It has a free enterprise or "capitalistic" economic system.