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The president is the executive branch. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces. Bills from congress are passed to him. Which are then signed or vetoed by the president.

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An executive has many different job responsibilities and duties. Some of these include leadership and management roles, organization of several departments, program planning, and management of human resources.

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Q: What are the functions of executives?
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Chester barnard major contribution in management?

Chester Bernard is most noted for his 1938 book, "The Functions of the Executive," in which he posited his theory of organization, and outlines the functions of executives within organizations.

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A board of executives

Is the American bureaucracy involved with politics or policy?

For the most part, bureaucracies in the United States are involved with the functions of carrying out governmental policies. Due to the nature of legislatures and executives in all levels of government, bureaucracies tend to favor legislatures and executives who are in favor of maintaining and expanding the size of government bureaucracies.

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The word "executives" is already plural.

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There are 24,000 legal executives in the UK that are qualified and trained.

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