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Hold a high public office before: Vice-presidents, members of Congress, state governors or top federal executives, army generals.

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Q: What are the unofficial requirements to be president?
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Is the Inner Cabinet the name of the President's unofficial advisors?

No. The name sometimes used for the President's unofficial advisers (dating from Franklin Roosevelt's administration) has been "kitchen" cabinet.

What are two unofficial qualifications to be President?

beaing human and not dead

What two unofficial qualifications to be president?

beaing human and not dead

Who is the Roblox president?

If you are referring to the unofficial 'president' of Roblox, then the president is Builderman. If you meant to ask who the CEO of Roblox is, that would be david.baszucki.

What did Jackson unofficial cabinet become known as?

President Andrew Jackson's unofficial cabinet became known as the Kitchen Cabinet. This was a term created and used by his opponents.

Why can a member of congress not become the president?

They can become president if they meet the requirements and get elected. There age requirements are different as well as the citizenship requirements.

Requirements to becom a president?

The president has to be 35 The president has to be 35

What do you call the house of the president of US?

The president's mansion is called the White House. That name is unofficial; it is referred to as the executive mansion in Congressional directives.

Who needs to have the same requirements as the president?

A vice president

Who made president requirements?

The presidential requirements were written into the constitution.

What is the fourth unofficial that someone usually needs to be elected president?

They need to have held a government position.

What is the true position of a vice president?

It has the same requirements as president.