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what are importanne of delegate in management what are importanne of delegate in management what are importanne of delegate in management

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Q: What are the importance of delegate?
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Why are alternate delegate needed at conventions?

Because any delegate that does not show up at the convention is removed and their delegate slot is given to an alternate delegate.

What is the noun form of delegate?

The personal noun form of delegate is also delegate (a delegate). The noun for the process of delegating, or a group of delegates, is delegation.

What Was Benjamin Franklin delegate to?

he was delegate to what of Pennsylvania

Delegate from Rhode Island?

delegate from rhode island

What is delegate in vbnet?

A delegate object encapsulates a reference to a method

Which delegate had his name signed by another delegate?

ben franklin

Is a super delegate's vote worth more than the vote of a regular delegate?

No it is not we all have the same rights even delegate

Who is the Delegate from New Jersey?

William Paterson was the delegate from new jersey

Where was James Wilson a delegate from?

jame Wilson was a delegate from yo booty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why was George Washington the most famous delegate?

Who was the oldest delegate? How old was he?

Who was the delegate that had another delegate from Delaware sign the constitution for him?

Edmund Rudolph

Can you use the word delegate in a sentence?

Jenny was our delegate for the class of 2009.