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most went to the United States. Others went to Britian & Canada

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Q: What are the main countries to which the Irish emigrated during the famine?
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The caused many Irish people to immigrate to the US?

Potato Famine

Why did several million Irish migrate in the 1840s?


What caused the Irish potato famine in the 1840's?

When the potatoes in Ireland developed a disease because of the wet weather in the summer. Potatoes were a big part of the Irish'diet which then led families to starve and other countries such as India to import sacks of yellow cornmeal to Ireland.

How did Americans react to the Irish immigrants and what laws were passed?

As Irish immigration in America was rising due to the potato famine, a thing called nativism was occurring. Nativism was the defense of native-born people(Americans), but hostility to the foreign born(Irish). Nativists were racist and claimed that the Irish were stealing jobs from the native labor force. So, the Native American Party(no affliction with Indians) rose up to challenge this "alien menace." There were also known as the Know-Nothings. They didn't really do much damage and subsided as the Whigs came to power. I believe no laws were passed. All this was happening during Jackson's presidency.

Which example describes migration caused by overcrowding?

"Migration due to overcrowding" is somewhat misleading, as lack of room has never been a critical issue on a large scale. much more prevalent has been shortages of food or other critical resources, which are the root cause of many migrations, for instance, during the Irish Potato famine which caused many to flee from Ireland to the United States due to the Starvation and ruined economy in Ireland at the time

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What caused the Irish migration to the US?

The Great Irish Famine which killed over one million people. Another million emigrated to the US

How may died and emigrated during Irish famine?

About one million people died with another one million emigrating.

How did the failure of potato crops in Ireland affect Irish emigration?

During the famine in Ireland, roughly 1.5 million people emigrated

Where did Irish immigrants settle after the potato famine?

Irish people had emigrated from Ireland long before the Famine but from 1845 they emigrated principally to Great Britain, USA, Canada , Australia and in lesser numbers to New Zealand and Argentina

Irish in the US?

Many Irish people emigrated to America during the Great Famine in 1845. Many of them established large communities in Newfoundland. Therefore, there is now many Irish people in America.

What was the population before and after the Irish Potato famine?

8 million before, about a million died, about a million emigrated.

How many people emigrated after the Irish famine?

They are not sure how many people had moved to America because of the Famine but they know that it had caused more than two-thirds of the population to move there. Some of them came back after the Famine.

What year did Irish immigration become significant?

Because of the potato famine (1845-1852) 1.5 million Irish left their country. In 1847, more than 200,000 Irish emigrated, but 1851 was the peak year for most Irish emigration, estimated that 250,000 Irish emigrated from Ireland in that year alone.

Did the Irish speak Irish during the great Famine?

Yes. Many Irish people still speak Irish every day. It is a compulsory subject in Irish schools and required for some jobs. --- They did, but after the famine they were forced to speak english. This was because many Irish emigrated to england, America and Australia to look for jobs. In schools, the children were beaten if they spoke Irish in order to get them to learn it faster. Thanks to those events, Ireland isn't really the same with Irish anymore.

How did potatoes almost destroy the Irish?

There was a famine in Ireland starting in the middle of the 1840s, which was caused by potato blight destroying potatoes. Potatoes formed a major part of the diet of Irish people, so when the famine struck, many Irish people died and many emigrated. Even today, the population of Ireland has not reached the level it was before the famine.

How did Irish potato famine contribute to development of US?

Many Irish people emigrated to the US and made contributions in a wide variety of ways like in work, culture, politics etc.

What happened during the Irish famine?

peopie died