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According to the CIA's World Factbook, the breakdown of ethnic groups in Austria are as follows: Austrians 91.1%, former Yugoslavs 4% (includes Croatians, Slovenes, Serbs, and Bosniaks), Turks 1.6%, German 0.9%, other or unspecified 2.4%. This data, however, is from the 2001 census.

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Until the 1990s they where consider Germans by everybody. Austrian people living 40 years ago (and before that of course) they were calling themselves Germans. Austria and Prussia were the two most powerful German states. After the Second World War, for political Propaganda reasons the government started to create an ethnogenesis (give birth to a new ethnic group), via education and the press, so that the Austrians will accept the fact that they must stay independent. Even if you say that they are not Germans, still they are Germanic. If they are not Germans then that means that Bavarians are not Germans too. Actually they have the same ancestry with all other Germans, and that is, Germanic (higher level), and Celtic (lesser). The only pure people who descents directly from the ancient Germanic tribes, are the northern Germans and the southern Scandinavians.

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Q: What are the main ethnic groups in austria?
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