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A man by the name of Mangle Pande of the 34th regiment suddenly became hysterical and yelled to the British officers that they were making him go against his religion. He killed nearly every British officer he saw including his platoon officer. The general who was in charge heard the commotion Pande was creating and went with his two sons to see what was going on. The sight of the general frightened Pande and he tried to kill himself but failed. On April 8 of that same year he was hanged for attempted mutiny. After this the already controversial 34th regiment was disbanded. News spread quickly of the man who fought back against the British and on May 10, 1857 a full mutiny broke out starting with the 3rd light Calvary and spreading to regiments at Kanpur, Lucknow and other army bases in northern India.

At the end of the day the Sepoys had taken Delhi, murdered every English man woman and child they could lay their hands on and appointed the Mughul Emperor as their leader. The revolt had begun, and the Sepoy soldiers outnumbered the British 257,000 to 34,000 or nearly 8 to 1. With numbers like these all the British could do for the first couple of months was try to ward off any Sepoy attack and wait until reinforcements arrived from Britain. When the reinforcements finally arrived their first goal was to retake Delhi. It took several attempts and a few thousand men but they finally recaptured the city. Once the British had control of Delhi they forced a large number of the Sepoy soldiers to run. The British pursued. "The British armies which swept across the north of India to relieve their besieged comrades and avenge their murdered compatriots were perhaps the most enraged and cruelest troops ever to have been put in the field by the government and people of Britain." After several months of combat Britain recaptured northern India.

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The starting event can be gaged from the Boston Tea Party. The king closed the Boston port to ships as punishment and this created a cause/effect type of situation. Thus, on April 19, 1775 the first shots of the war were fired in Lexington and this lead to Bunker Hill. After these two events the British began to realize that the colonies were serious about revolting. Finally, on July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was written and signed. Now, the colonies were totally in revolt.

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Q: What are the main events of the war of independence?
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