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1 Agricultural entomology

2 Forest entomology

3 Foresic entomology

4 Medical entomology

5 Vetenary entomology

6 Cultural entomology

7 Soil entomology

8 Acquatic entomology

9 Extention entomology

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Q: What are the major branches of entomology?
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What branches of science the insects?

The study of insects is called "entomology."

Enumerate the three major branches and?

enumerate the three major branches of subranches of science

What is the impact factor of Academic journal of entomology?


How many branches does the American govt have?

3 major branches.

What are the different major branches of science?

There are many different branches of science like Biology or Chemistry. Physics and Anatomy are also major branches of science.

Branches of biology according to type of organism?

There are several branches of biology. Mammalogy is the study of mammals, while ornithology is the study of birds. Botany is the study of plants. The study of insects is entomology. Ichthyologists study fish. Herpetologists study amphibians and reptiles.

When was Systematic Entomology created?

Systematic Entomology was created in 1932.

When was Prodromus Entomology created?

Prodromus Entomology was created in 1805.

When was African Entomology created?

African Entomology was created in 1993.

Is entomology a type of Zoology?

Yes. Entomology deals with the study of insects.

Enumerate and explain the major branches of biology?

enumerate the branches of science

What are the 3 major branches in the Philippines?

The 3 major branches in the Philippines are Luzon (the biggest island), Vizayas (the smallest) and Mindanao.