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The means of production are the capital and equipment used to produce goods. Some people believe that economies work best when private entities own the means of production; others believe they work best when the public or the state owns them; yet others argue that they should be owned collectively by those who operate them.

Ownership of the means of production is a point of controversy because different ownership structures have implications for the distribution of the economic output produced by capital equipment and land. Whoever owns the means of production receives the passive property income and rental income generated by their operation.

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Q: What are the means of production why does the ownership of these divide people?
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What is socialism characterized by?

Government ownership of most productive resources

Under Marxism who must own the means of production?

The means of production is owned by the collective ownership of the workers.

What is the system that proposed government ownership of the country's means of production?


What is social ownership of the means of production?

Social ownership of the means of production refers to the ownership of the capital equipment and tools used in the production of goods and services by all of society. The concept of the "means of production" refers to large-scale capital goods and factor inputs that require social or collective effort to operate as opposed to personalized tools used in small-scale production, and thus often encompass the means of distribution and exchange.It should be stated however, that "social ownership" is rarely used to define what is state socialism. In most discussions, this is described as "government ownership of the means of production".Social ownership implies that the net product resulting from the production of goods and services accrues to all of society, with control of the means of production determined democratically by both users and workers who have a stake in their operation. There are generally two recognized forms of "social ownership", the first involving the proceeds generated by the use of the means of production being distributed among the worker-members of an individual organization; the second involving the proceeds of their operation being distributed to all members of society.The second form of social ownership means society-wide ownership by a public institution distinguished from present-day states and governments as they exist under contemporary capitalism. This conception of social ownership is about distributing the economic surplus to the entire population as opposed to just those who make use of the tools of production.Social ownership of the means of production is the major defining characteristic of socialism, which is frequently contrasted with capitalism and the concept of private ownership of the means of production.

How do you explain capitalism?

Capitalism is basically 'the possession of wealth' -(OED)

What are the Characteristics of primitive mode of production?

Primitive mode of production was characterized by the following features or characteristics. Ownership of the means of production was collective It was a classless society Tools used in production were crude Firstly people lived by hunting and gathering No exploitation People started living in caves

Public ownership of the basic means of production distribution and exchange?

That would be state capitalism, with the government owning the means of production. In Socialism, there is no exchange, and the whole community owns the means of production.

What is the political model advocating collective or governmental ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods?

This is one definition of "socialism." The social extension is called "communism" in that a classless society shares equally the responsibility and benefits of production.

What is The economy of the US is a?

the economy of the us is a

What is the economy of the US called?

Mixed Economy

What sysytem has government ownership of the means of production and is usually associated with totalitarian dictatorship?


What economic system has government ownership of the means of production and distribution?