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The ideology of state capitalism, as in Lenin’s view.

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The state, the people: Communism. Marxism

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Q: Which ideology thought the means of production should be owned exclusively by the state?
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Is Marxism ideology that everything is owned by the state?

Marxism is an ideology that advocates for a classless society where the means of production are collectively owned by the workers. It does not necessarily mean that everything is owned by the state, but rather that the economy is controlled by the working class for the benefit of all.

Companies should exclusively use employment agencies to find potential candidates.?

Companies should exclusively use employment agencies to find potential candidates.

At the core of free-labor ideology was the belief that?

At the core of free-labor ideology was the belief that individuals should have the freedom to sell their labor in a competitive market without coercion or exploitation. This ideology promoted the idea that hard work and skill should be rewarded with fair wages and opportunities for advancement, leading to economic prosperity and social mobility.

Is religion part of ideology?

AnswerReligion should be thought of as a worldview. However, it can sometimes be an ideology.Willard A. Mullins says that an ideology must have power over cognitions, be capable of guiding one's evaluations, provide guidance towards action, and be logically coherent. All this can be true of a religion. Those who hold strongly to a specific ideology often seek to persuade others that this is the right set of ideas and aims for a purpose, just as some religious people seek to persuade others likewise.

Which one in the four imams should be followed by the sunni Muslims?

Any of the four schools of thought can be followed. Non of them ever stated they were exclusively right, in fact some were students of the other. They are a school of thought and not a doctrine. Whats most important is to follow the Quran and the blessed prophet peace be upon him.

What ideology believes the government should be a democracy but with enforced distribution of wealth?


Which ideology believes governments should be a democracy but with enforced distributions of wealth?


Which ideology believe the government should be a democracy but with enforced distribution of wealth?


What is Marx's theory?

Marx's theory, known as Marxism, is a socio-economic theory that emphasizes the struggle between different social classes in a society. Central to this theory is the concept of historical materialism, which posits that the development of society is driven by the conflict between the ruling class (bourgeoisie) and the working class (proletariat). Marx believed that capitalism would inevitably lead to its own downfall and pave the way for a classless society, where the means of production are owned collectively.

Are there communists in the US?

Are there Democrats? Are ther Catholics? Are there Canadians? Of course there are communists in the USA. Communists exist in every country. It is a political ideology that believes that the wealth should be shared by all people as opposed to the capitalist ideology which believe that only the rich should have the wealth.

Is it fair that in a command economy the government owns and controls all aspects of the economy?

As this is a question seeking an opinion, this answer is an opinion as well. It is not "fact".NO. It is repugnant that the government should be the sole voice in determining what products should be produced and which products should remain unproduced. The government still has a valuable role in incentivizing production of some products and banning or de-incentivizing production of other products, but putting control of production exclusively in government hands has repeatedly produced product shortfalls, starvation, and overproduction of undesired products. Command economies have led to the death or malnutrition of millions of people.

Marx believed that the should completely control production?

The people should control production and distribution. Production should take place to meet human need.