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Are closer together than the molecules of soda that they contain.

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Q: What are the molecules that make up a two liter bottle?
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How much is half a 2 liter bottle?

Half of a two liter bottle is, rather obviously, one liter.

How many ounces in a 1 liter bottle of liquor?

Sincece there are 67.6 fluid ounces in a two liter bottle that would make a one liter bottle 33.8 oz

How much will a two liter bottle be worth filled with dimes?

well my dear i suppose that depends on how many dimes you have in your respective two liter bottle

How many millililters are in a two liter bottle?

2000 ml are in a 2L bottle

What is an example of a liter?

a liter bottle, or two half liter bottles

Does one liter of alcohol and one liter of water make two liters of solution?

not quite. some of the molecules fit between each other.

Do you need two holes in the bottles to make a tornado in a bottle?

to make a tornado in a bottle you can 1. spin a single bottle full of liquid or 2. spin 2 two liter bottles atttatched to each other at the mouth with duct tape. No lids

What can a two-liter bottle be used for?

A two liter bottle can be used for many things. Such as, making a cyclone, drinking out of, hitting a friend (or enemy), cutting in half, blowing into to make a sound, etc. My best advice is to try things out. In other words, experiment.

How many calories in a two liter of coke?

There are 800 calories in a 2 liter bottle of coke.

What is the diameter of a two liter bottle in inches?

The diameter of a two liter bottle is typically around 4.75 inches.

What do you add to a plastic bottle filled with cola that weighs one liter to it to make it weigh less than two ounces?


Why two liter bottle of Coca-Cola failed in Spain?

The two liter Coca Cola failed in Spain because few local refrigerators had a compartment large enough to fit the bottle.