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to live laugh and love! :)

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Q: What are the moral responsibilities of a citizen?
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What is the responsibility of a Bahamian citizen?

try and get along with everyone as much as you canthe responsibilities of a citizenNoA purposeful citizen understands their roles as a citizen and reflects on their values and responsibilities

Is it mandatory to fulfill your responsibilities as a citizen?


According to the US Constitution what are the responsibilities of a US citizen?

The responsibilities of a US citizen included civic participation by voting. Also, a citizen is expected to protect American principles and values.

What are the rights and the responsibilities of a citizen?

To be informed is a duty

What are Civil responsibilities?

Civil responsibilities are those obligations each citizen owes to the nation.

What do you understand by the concept moral obligation of a Nigerian citizen?

what is the meaning of moral

What is civil responsibilities?

civil responsibilities are the obligations which each citizen has to the nation Leslie and erika rocks

What are the rights and responsibilities of teenagers?

you have no rights, you have too many responsibilities, your a second class citizen, get use to it

Civil responsibilities are the obligations which each citizen has to the?


What people had rights and responsibilities in greek citystates?


What is moral idealism?

Moral Idealism is a belief that individual rights and responsibilities are universal, regardless of outcome.

What is an Athenian citizen?

an anthenian citizen is a person with certain rights and responsibilities in hid or her country or comunity