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There were many spies during the American Civil War. Some of the better known male spies were Lafayette Baker, Timothy Webster, and Henry Harrison.

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Q: What are the names of famous male spies of the civil war?
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How many spies were killed in the American Civil War?

Spies were common in the civil war, ranging from male to female, confederate to union. Many died, if a spy was caught they were hung most likely after being questioned with what information they knew. Both the North and South had a number of spies, they relied on them. The Civil War was a very spy consis war. As to how many were killed, I don't really know. Sorry..

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Who was the spies of the civil war?

There were many of them, partly because security was lax, and secrets didn't last long. The Confederate spies were more notable than the Union ones. The memoirs of Loreta Velasquez give a riveting account of this lady's wartime espionage on behalf of the Confederates, though the scenes of her front-line infantry service in Union army (male) uniform are not believable.

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Quite a number, often working as spies. The most notable was Loreta Velasquez, who wrote one of the best books of Civil War memoirs. She claimed to have fought in the Confederate armies in male uniform and under a male name, though her anecdotes of front-line infantry service do not ring true. Much more believable are her accounts of espionage in Washington, where she used her charms to get under the guard of pompous generals and politicians. It demonstrated how little secrecy there was in intelligence circles in the Civil War.

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