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newberry medal

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Q: What are the names of jean craighead george's awards?
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What is the names of jean craighead georges brothers and sisters?

She had 2 brothers named Frank and Jhon.

What awards has Jean Craighead George won?

Jean Craighead George won several awards for her children's books, including the Newbery Medal for "Julie of the Wolves" and the Newbery Honor for "My Side of the Mountain." She also received the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award in 1991 for her substantial contributions to children's literature.

What is jean craighead birthday?

Jean Craighead George was born on July 2, 1919.

When was Jean Craighead George born?

Jean Craighead George was born on July 2, 1919.

What is Jean Craighead George's birthday?

Jean Craighead George was born on July 2, 1919.

How many books did Jean Craighead George write?

Jean Craighead George wrote over 100 books for children and young adults. She is best known for her naturalist-themed stories that focus on wildlife and the environment. Some of her most popular works include "My Side of the Mountain" and "Julie of the Wolves."

Jean craighead george does she have a husbnd?


Does jean craighead george have a husband?

Jean Craighead George was married to John Looby, with whom she had three children. She dedicated some of her books to him and considered him a source of inspiration in her writing.

What are the names of Jean Craighead George's 3 children?

Jean Craighead George's three children are Twig George, Craig George, and Luke George.

What is the birth name of Jean George?

Jean George's birth name is Jean Carolyn Craighead.

Will Jean Craighead George ever have kids?

Yes she had three

How many pets does jean craighead george have?

She has 173 pets.