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Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Jean Jacques Rosseau

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Q: Who was a French political philosopher who admired the English form of government?
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How did Hamilton Feel about the division power between the federal government and the states?

Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist. He and his backers were called the "Hamiltonian's" as opposed to Thomas Jefferson's form of government. He and his followers were called the "Jeffersonians."-The Hamiltonian's wanted a very strong central government as they admired the English aristocracy and the English system of government and wished to see it used as a model.-Hamiltonian's considered the common people ignorant and incapable of self-government.-Hamiltonian's desired high voting qualifications, claiming that unfettered democracy was anarchy.-Hamiltonian's favored a broad interpretation of the Constitution to strengthen the central government at the expense of of state's rights.-Hamiltonian's wanted an expanding bureaucracy.-Hamiltonian's, under certain circumstances, favored restrictions on speech and the press.

Why do you think so many Americans admired the cowhand as a hero?

Back in the western times you'd need a cowhand for various types of things because unlike us, people back then only had farms. That could be the reason so many people admired cowhands, or farmhands.

What was Hitler's views on the British people Would the English Scottish and Welsh be treated the same as Germanic people?

The Anglo-Saxons (the English before the Norman expansion) were a combination of two German tribes. In fact (most people don't know) but hitlers true plan before Heimler got involved was to unite the Germanic peoples (German, Dutch, English, as well as the nordic countries (which are also Germanic) into a melting pot similar to America, but with nothing but Germanic peoples. He Admired the British and didn't wish for war with them. That is why the battle of Britain happened. He wished to scare them out of the war and then allie with them. But the british wouldn't have it.

What was the political philosophy of the federalists?

The Federalist Party advocated a strong central government. A government capable of paying its debts. In accordance with this mission, a protective tariff was proposed to raise revenue. Some Federalists admired Great Britain and advocated war with the First Republic of France. The Federalist Party was supported by the bankers, merchants, shippers, and the aristocracy. They encouraged inventions and our first patent law was passed and signed by President Washington. Federalist power was generally in the northern states and specifically in the northeastern states. In accordance with this, the party established a Bank of the United States in support of paper money and capitalism. Commerce and industry would be aided by this central banking system. Now, the differences. Adams was against inflation and speculation, which Hamilton supported. Adams was in favor of national defense with a navy to protect our merchant shipping from the First Republic of France; Hamilton was in favor of war and called for an increase of our standing army and a declaration of war against the First Republic of France. Both Federalists believed that the central government was superior to the states and the states must submit to federal authority.

What were the positions of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists?

Federalists were for a strong federal government and didn't think that the Bill of Rights is necessary for the government to run without corruption. Anti-federalists thought that the Constitution didn't properly protect their rights like a Bill of Rights would do. However, in the end the Federalists let the anti-federalists have the Bill of Rights.

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Who was the French political philosopher who admired the English form of government?

Montesquieu was the French political philosopher who admired the English form of government. He believed in the separation of powers and the importance of checks and balances in a political system, which he observed in the English government.

Who was a French political philosopher who admired the English form government?

Jean Jacques Rousseau

What Greek philosopher was admired by the moors?

The Greek philosopher admired by the Moors was Aristotle. His works were translated and studied extensively by the Moors during the Islamic Golden Age, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and philosophy in the Islamic world.

What nation was admired by Montesquieu or Voltaire?

Montesquieu admired England for its constitutional monarchy and separation of powers, which influenced his ideas on political theory. Voltaire admired England for its political and religious tolerance, as well as its scientific progress and free speech ideals.

Is the Dalai Lama a hero or an enemy to the Canadian government?

HH The Dalai Lama is widely admired and respected by Canadians. The Canadian Government officially supports his efforts to allow Tibet to determine its own political destiny.

Which party admired Britain's stability?

The Federalist Party admired Britain's stability, viewing it as a model for establishing a strong central government and maintaining order in the United States. They believed that adopting British political practices would help prevent the chaos and weakness they saw in the Articles of Confederation.

Is whatever the English admired an adjective or adverb clause?


Is it true that during the English Renaissance actors were highly regarded and admired?


Why did Mary Lease mention John Brown in her speech to the WC-TU?

john brown was admired by political activist

Why did Mary Lease mention John Brown in her speech to the WC TU?

john brown was admired by political activist

Why peace Nobel Prize awarded from norway?

Because Nobel admired the Norwegian government system.

What is the original English handwriting?

Traditionally, copperplate handwriting has been admired in both Britain and the US.