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Q: What are the names of the nine judges in the Canadian supreme court?
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Names of two judges of the supreme court of India?


What are the names of the members of the legislative branch?

The supreme court, some federal courts, and judges (justices is another name for judges).

The highest court at state level is the supreme court?

state supreme court

Which are the names of all the courts?


Who appoints the members the of the supreme court?

President puts up the names. The senate approves it.

Is the Supreme Court located by itself in NYC?

The US Supreme Court is not located in New York. New York does have a trial court system which is called the Supreme Court, even though it is not truly supreme in the sense that the US Supreme Court is. It is not an appellate court like the US supreme Court is. They named it that because in early days, New York had a fractured system of trial courts, some with limited subject matter jurisdiction, some with limited regional jurisdiction. The New York Supreme Court became the unified statewide trial court, in effect supreme over all the little courts. It is not a good choice of names.

Is Supreme Court the same as criminal court?

No, not usually. New York State, which names its state trial courts "supreme courts," may try either criminal or civil cases. Texas has two final appellate courts that operate at the supreme court level: the Supreme Court of Texas and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.In most situations, a "supreme court" is the highest court of appeals for a state or federal court system. They typically review both criminal and civil cases, but do not hold trials.

What is the length of term for a Missouri Supreme Court Judge?

A Missouri Supreme Court Justice initially serves for one year. After they have served at least one year, they are placed on the General Election Ballot and the Missouri voters vote to keep him/her on the Supreme Court. If they are kept on, they are seated on the Supreme Court for twelve years.

The state court that hears major civil and criminal cases is the?

It is the trial court. They have various names, depending on where you are. They are typically called Superior Court or District Court, and in New York, Supreme Court.

What are the names of the federal courts?

There are three levels of federal courts. U.S. District Court - U.S. Courts of Appeal - The U.S. Supreme Court.

Which of these men did not serve as Chief Justice of the supreme court in 1900s?

You did not include the names of "which men". We can't answer without that information.

How many justices sit on the Supreme Court of Canada?

The Supreme Court of Canada consists of a Chief Justice and eight (8) puisne justices, appointed by the Governor General-in-Council. At least three (3) of the justices on the Supreme Court must be appointed from the province of Québec.