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Q: What are the planetary weights for a person who weighs 140 lbs on earth?
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How many pounds is 8.43 kilogram?

On earth, 8.43 kg of mass weighs 18.585pounds,different weights in other places.

How many ounces in 353mg?

On Earth, 353 mg of mass weighs 0.01245 ounce. (rounded)It has different weights in other places.

How many pounds are in 97.5 kilograms?

On Earth, 97.5 kilograms of mass weighs 214.95 pounds. In other places, it has different weights.

If a person weight 100 pound in Earth how will he weight in Saturn?

10000 poundsIf a person weights 100 lbs on earth what would they weight on Saturn ?

How many pounds is 2.352 kilogram?

A mass of 2.352 kg weighs 5.1853 pounds (rounded) on earth. It has different weights in other places.

Why isn't the earth moving towards you when you jump?

It does. When you jump, both you and the Earth move apart, and then fall back together. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. After the jump, the equation m(person)*v(person) = - m(earth)*v(earth). A typical person weights 70 kg, and the Earth weighs approximately 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. So to make the equation equal, the velocity of the Earth is about 1/85000000000000000000000 as much as the velocity of the person. This is really too small to notice by any current means of measurement.

What is 696 kilos into stones?

On Earth, especially in Ireland, 696 kilograms of mass weighs 109st 8lb 6.65oz.It has different weights in other places.

What is 67.9 kilogram in stones?

On Earth, 67.9 kg of mass weighs 10stone 9.7pounds. The same 67.9 kg has different weights in other places.

How much is 3.4 kilos in pounds and ounces?

On Earth, 3.4 kilograms of mass weighs 7pounds 7.93ounces (rounded), but it has different weights in other places.

A person who weighs 100 pounds on earth weighs 180 pounds on moon?

No. The weight of any object on the Moon would be about 1/6 the weight on Earth.

How much weights 1 Kilo?

1 Liter or 1000 cubic centimeters of water at 4 degrees celsius has a mass of 1 kilogram. On earth, that mass weighs 2.205 pounds. (rounded) It has different weights in other places.

How much is 57kg in ibs?

On Earth, 57 kg of mass weighs 125.66 pounds. (rounded) In other places, the same 57 kg has different weights.