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observation, reasoning, perseverance, objectivity, organization

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Q: What are the possible skills to be develope in solving scientific problem?
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How does the Governemnt solve problems?

The government solves problems by not solving them. In addition to not solving problems; when a problem occurs, the government creates a committee and wastes countless amounts of money on surveys. The surveys conclude that yes there is a problem and the problem is that they spent their payroll budget on surveys and there is no money to fix the problem.

What do you think can social sciences contribute in solving these specific problem?

We don't have the problems that you ask about, so we can't answer.

What are non traditional courts?

For example a "non traditional" court would consist of a problem-solving court, this is because this court has many roles not often played in any other court. Sometimes not at all played. But, it is not only "non traditional" because of its uncommon roles but also because Problem-solving courts are made to accommodate offenders with specific needs and problems that were not or could not be adequately addressed in traditional courts. Problem-solving courts seek to promote outcomes that will benefit not only the offender, but the victim and society as well. Thus problem-solving courts were developed as an innovative response to deal with offenders' problems, including drug abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence. Although most problem solving court models are relatively new, early results from studies show that these types of courts are having a positive impact on the lives of offenders and victims and in some instances are saving jail and prison costs

What does it mean to meet violence with non violence?

To meet violence with no violence means to react to violent acts by peaceful problem solving techniques. This techniques include peaceful protests and sit-ins.

What is the resolution of the story?

a resolution is the ending of a storyWhen the conflict(problem) is fixed, usually at the end...A resolution means solving the problem or bringing it to a conclusion