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Out president is a puppet to the bankers and the rich; however, in thoery, he can call military attacks, veto bills, and can shut down internet usage for "safety" reasons.

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The president has the power of approving laws that are made by congress and if he does not approve the law cannot be made as a ACTUAL law

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Executive powers

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Q: What are the powers that are exclusive to only the president?
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What are exclusive powers?

They are powers given only to the national government in the U.S constitution.

Why did the constitution specifically describe the powers of the Congress but remain vague about the powers of the president?

The Constitution's division of powers leaves the President with some exclusive powers as Commander-in-Chief, Congress with certain other exclusive powers, and a sort of "twilight zone" of concurrent powers. Congress also has the power to limit the powers of the President.The Constitution describes the powers of Congress more than those of the president because initially Congress was supposed to rule the country while the president didn't do much.

What powers are exclusive to the president?

weapons, body guards, important meetings on population, taxes, etc.

What are the powers of the chief justice?

The only exclusive power of the Chief Justice is to preside over the trial of an impeached President. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What kind of powers is one that is given only to the Federal government?


Those powers that can only be exercised by the National Government are called?

Exclusive power

10-What are exclusive powers of the states exclusive powers of the national government enumerated powers and what are concurrent powers?

Exclusive powers are those powers that can be exercised by the National Government alone. Concurrent powers are those powers that both the National Government and state governments can exercise.

Powers that only Congress can exercise are called what?

Legislative Powers are exclusive to Congress. The Constitution separates the powers of government so that no branch becomes too powerful.

What was the powers of 1973 president of Pakistan?

In 1973 constitution , President had only nominal powers also called Fazal Illahi powers .

Should congress or the president have power in conducting foreign affairs?

I think that both Congress and the president should have power in conducting foreign affairs. Some powers are not listed in the Constitution but both the president and Congress should have some exclusive foreign policy powers.

What is exclusive rights?

Powers that are only fiven in the federal government; these powers may not be used by the state an example is making treaties

What are residual powers?

Residual Powers are powers that the State have complete control over. Concurrent Powers are shared amongst the State and the Commonwealth, but where there is conflict the Commonwealth will prevail. Exclusive Powers are powers that only the Commonwealth have control over.