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The prairie provinces are Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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Q: What are the prarie provinces of Canada?
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What provinces of Canada make up the prairie provinces?

The prairie provinces of Canada are Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The southern parts of these provinces are covered in grassland.

What are the names of the prairie?

The three prarie provinces are: Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

What are the major economic activities for east Canada Quebec Ontario prarie provinces and british Columbia?

So, in other words, "What are the economic activities of Canada?" It would've taken less breath to say that rather than what you did.

What separates the prarie provinces from the populated parts of Ontario?

the amount of people living there

What provinces are the poorest in Canada?

The maritime provinces & Quebec are the poorest provinces in Canada.

Do people in Ontario Canada trade their natural resources with other countries?

Yes, Ontario may not have a huge export of grain compared to the the Prarie Provinces of Canada but Canada has one of if not the largest grain export in the WORLD! Ontario has a large export of Nickel, Talc, and Beef.

Are the prairie provinces states of Canada?

Canada does not have states. Canada has provinces.

How much provinces is there in Canada?

There are 13 provinces in canada

What beside provinces is Canada divided into?

Canada is divided in to provinces and territories!

IsSaskatchewan is in the middle of the three provinces in Canada?

Canada has 10 provinces...not three.

Total provinces of canadA?

Canada has a total of ten provinces and three territories.

How much territories and provinces are in Canada?

There are 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada