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According to the Constitution, the president is Commander in Chief of the army and navy; this has been interpreted to grant different powers aside from actually directing the war. He also has the power to formulate treaties and appoint ambassadors (a power he shares with Congress), as well as the power to meet with ambassadors in wartime.

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Q: What are the president's power and duties to military?
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What are the limits on the presidents military power?

white house

What is the presidents primary military power?

To make treaties and appoint them

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the presidents duties include approving or dissaproving laws.

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It was act restricting the presidents power to use the military

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How many presidents had no military service at the time of their election?

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To Preserve, Protect, and defend the constitution of the U.S.

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The right to vote. The president didn't think that the militia was very gratified.

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