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The minimum wage law was set in 1938 with the idea being that every employed person deserved to live at a certain minimum standard of living. Minimum wage was supposed to be raised as inflation and the cost of living increased. However, that has not happened.


-would put less stress on families

-would actually accomplish purpose

-would help people get off of welfare

-would allow more people to be able to afford preventative health care

-people would not be forced to work multiple jobs

-less people would be forced to break the law to get money


-some smaller businesses would have to lay off workers

-it would potentially slow economic growth

-raise high school drop-out rate

-create larger job market

-create more competition for fewer jobs

The above lists barely scratch the surface of reasons to raise or not raise minimum wage. This issue is typically divided political party, with Democrats for raising it and Republicans against raising it.

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Q: What are the pro's and con's of raising the minimum wage?
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What are the pros and cons of minimum wage?

Pros: It stops a 'race to the bottom' by employers trying to undercut each other by cutting wages. Workers can get a living wage by working just one job. Cons: A minimum wage set too high could make employing someone too expensive and consequently reduce employment.

Does raising the minimum wage help the economy?

Many people do not think raising the minimum wage is going to help the economy.

What has the author William A Glover written?

William A. Glover has written: 'Assessing the impact of raising Wyoming's minimum wage' -- subject(s): Minimum wage

Which of the following does NOT add to the cost of consumer goods and services?

raising minimum wage

Does Raising the minimum wage is likely to cause a shortage of people willing to work?

Yes, Now a days Inflation rate is increases very fastly but the wage rate is increases as much they should increase. The cost of every thing is rises. So the raising the minimum wage is likely to cause a shortage of people willing to work.

Would raising the minimum wage lower crime?

Econ 101. (simplified version) Raising the minimum wage rate would more likely than not, increase the crime rate. By increasing the minimum wage, employers will be able to hire fewer workers. At the macro level, fewer workers hired will net an increase in unemployment rates. As unemployment rates increase, so too do crime rates.

What is the minimum wage in Kansas?

The minimum wage is $7.25, the same as federal minimum wage.

What is a good attention getter for a persuasive speech about raising minimum wage?

Throw pennies at the audience! Be careful not to injure anyone!

Did they have a minimum wage in the 1800s?

there was no minimum wage then:)

How much will minimum wage be in 2020?

In the United States, President Obama recently raised the minimum wage for federal employees and federal contract workers to $9 per hour. This does not affect private employers, for whom the federal minimum wage remains $7.25. Many states have higher minimum wage laws. In the 2014 State of the Union address, Obama proposed raising the national minimum wage to $10.10, however this is not currrently enacted.

Minimum wage in the 1920s?

what was the minimum wage in the 1920

What is the minimum wage in Italy?

italy does not have a minimum wage