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Florida's minimum wage at $6.79 is 16+% greater than the Federal minimum wage of $5.85 as of July 2008.

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Q: What percentage more is Florida's minimum wage than the federal minimum wage?
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Does state minimum wage override federal minimum wage?

State laws never override the federal level. In some states the minimum wage is 2 dollars. Some states do not even mandate minimum wage but reference the federal minimum wage act as a guide. For more information visit for all your labor law poster needs.

What is the national minimum wage in 2008?

The Federal minimum wage in the United States is $6.55. For more information and lists of minimum wage by state, see the Related Links.

What is the minimum wage in Washington D.C.?

The minimum wage in Washington DC is $8.25 an hour, or $2.77 for tipped employees. The minimum wage is automatically set to a $1 / hour more than the federal minimum wage.

What is the minimum wage in Washington, D.C.?

The minimum wage in Washington DC is $8.25 an hour, or $2.77 for tipped employees. The minimum wage is automatically set to a $1 / hour more than the federal minimum wage.

What percentage of federal income taxes are paid by persons making more than 250000?


Can state laws regulate something if it is also regulated by the federal law?

Yes, they can as long as the federal law is not contradicted or if it is intended to preempt all state legislation in that area. For example, the federal government establishes a minimum wage, but states are free to establish higher ones if they wish. A higher minimum wage does not conflict with the federal law, because the purpose of the federal law is to help workers and a state minimum wage helps workers even more. Thus, it does not conflict with the intent of the federal law.

Why is the federal minimum wage6.55lower than the California minimum wage8.00?

states cannot go below the federal minium wage but can based upon ecnomical differences, ie.....cost of food/housing, raise the minium wage to a more appropriate dollar figure

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What is the minimum wage for a lawyer?

The minimum wage for a lawyer is the same as the minimum wage for everyone else - $7.25 in some states per federal law, slightly higher in others per state law. Minimum wage is not assigned by job category. Obviously a lawyer can expectto make more, but as "minimum wage" goes, this is it.

How much federal tax is withheld on income of 12900?

Standard deduction can be about 20%. The taxpayer can opt to have more than the minimum tax deducted.

Do states provide federal minimum wage posters at no charge to schools and businesses?

Yes, actcually the federal government makes these signs available. Please contact the fedreral employment commission for more info on how to get them.

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