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A fair trial must be held in a timely fashion. A fair trial must be held in public with a jury, unless the defendant does not want a public trial and the judge agrees. The jury must be unbiased and represent a cross section of the population. The defendant must be given the time and resources to hire an attorney and formulate a defense. All evidence against the defendant must have been legally obtained.

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Q: What are the processes and procedures that result in a fair trial?
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Amendment V through VII deal with what procedures?

The right to a fair trial.

What is fair trial and what are the essential elements needed for fair trail?

right to a fair trial presumption of innocence

What is a preson guaranteed to have what at a fair trial?

A fair trial before an impartial jury of their peers.

What is the definition of a Fair Trial?

A "fair trial" is a neutral trial conducted to accord each party to the proceeding their due process rights.The right to a fair trial applies to civil and criminal proceedings and various rights associated with a fair trial are explicitly proclaimed in the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.In a fair trial, the accused's legal rights are safeguarded and respected.A fair trial hears before it condemns (i.e.: The trial proceeds on inquiry and renders judgment only aftertrial).In a fair trial, jurors are to be entirely indifferent as to the parties at the outset.The necessary elements of a fair trial are an adequate hearing and an impartial tribunal, free from any interest, bias, or prejudice.A fair trial presupposes full justice is rendered within human limitations.

The right of due processes is the right of?

This is the right to a fair trial or hearing before you can be imprisoned or your property taken or others sanctions imposed against you. The exact due process depends on what action is taken against you.

What people protested the sacco vanzetti trial because the defendants supposedly had been denied?

C. A Fair Trial

In the us citizens have the right to a what trial?

Trial by jury of our peers.a fair trial

Was Jesus trial fair or not?


Did Ted Bundy have a fair trial?

Bundy did get a fair trial but he broke the cardinal rule of lawyers by defending himself. As a law student Bundy certainly knew that a lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client. I firmly believe that this is the result of Bundy's immense ego, a condition that he never recovered from.

Who has the right to a fair trial?

Everyone does.

Did Martha carrier have a fair trial?


Definition of a fair public trial?

A fair public trial is essentially when a person is treated and believed to be innocent until they are proven guilty in a trial that is void of prejudice, bias, and unfair treatment.