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  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have entered the country legally, lived in the United States for at least five years, and in certain states for at least three months.
  • file a petition for naturalization with the clerk of a federal district court or a state court record.
  • Be literate in the English language
  • Be of good moral character.
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United States: You if are over 18, you can become a naturalized citizen if you have lived in the United States for 5 years. Then you can apply for citizenship. Then you take a test on basic American knowledge. If you pass that, you go to court and take an oath. Then you are a citizen. If you are under 18 and your parents get naturalized, you are also a citizen.

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The first step in applying for citizenship through naturalization is to enter the US and secure a green card in order to establish permanent residency. The next step is to ensure eligibility. The next step is to file Form N-400 (US citizenship application) to commence the naturalization process. You may file Form N-400 if you are over 18 years old, are eligible for naturalization, and have had a green card for a minimum period of 5 years. The period is three years if married to a US citizen.

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it depends on the country you are wanting to imegrate to.

check with the countries consulate or embasy or check the imigration department on the web sites the country has.

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Learning at least conversational English, knowing and understanding the United States Constitution for a start.

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Q: What are the requirements to become a naturalized citizen?
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Can a naturalized citizen become a senator?

A naturalized citizen can be a US Senator, although not the US President.

Who decides if someone can become a US Citizen?

There is no single person who makes this decision; it's a bureaucratic process. Any person born on US soil is a citizen by default. Any person who is a legal resident alien can make an application to become a naturalized citizen, and if the application is approved and the person fulfills the requirements they are a citizen. People can become citizens if they are married or related to current citizens. In certain cases people are granted citizenship for humanitarian reasons - usually if there's a credible threat to their lives if they return to their native land. There are restrictions placed on who can become a resident alien - quotas that prevent mass migrations from impoverished nations, screenings to weed out dangerous criminals, and the like - but aside from that the process is largely a matter of crossing T's and dotting I's.

What kind of citizenship do you have to have to vote for the president election?

You have to be a US citizen to be able to vote in the presidential elections. You can be a citizen by birth or a naturalized citizen.

How did people become naturalized citizens in history?


Naturalized citizens are constitutionally barred from running for the office of?

The U.S. Constitution states that naturalized citizens can not run for the office of President. It is the only office that must be held by a natural-born American citizen.

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What age must a person be to become a naturalized citizen?

There is no minimum age limit to become a naturalized citizen of the US.

Can a naturalized citizen become a senator?

A naturalized citizen can be a US Senator, although not the US President.

Which could cause a naturalized citizen to lose his or her citizenship?

telling a lie to become a naturalized citizen

How can an adult illegal alien become a citizen if they have a parent that is a naturalized citizen?

The fact that their parents are naturalized really doesn't affect their status. They need to meet the requirements of anyone that comes in and wants to become a legal immigrant. Contact an immigration lawyer for the options that are available for you.

A naturalized citizen cannot become?


In the united states what is the definition of a naturalized citizen?

In the United States, a naturalized citizen is foreign born person who has become a citizen through legal means.

What immigration and naturalized service from is used to apply become a naturalized citizen?


Can a naturalized citizen become a mayor?

Yes, a naturalized citizen can become the mayor of any town providing that they receive enough votes to be elected into the position.

Which individual can become a naturalized citizen?

An individual who is not born in a particular country but fulfills the requirements set by that country's immigration laws can become a naturalized citizen. These requirements may include a certain length of residency, passing a language and/or civics exam, having good moral character, and renouncing any loyalty to a previous country.

Is there a way for this third person to become a US citizen?

Become naturalized

How does an adult become naturalized citizen?

You have to complete the official legal process for becoming a citizen.

What is the reason george soros did not become a US citizen?

He is a citizen (despite what you may have heard), he is a naturalized American citizen.