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You have to be a US citizen to be able to vote in the presidential elections. You can be a citizen by birth or a naturalized citizen.

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Yes. You have to: * be 18 or older * can't be mentally ill * if you have been convicted of murder or a serious crime, you can't vote

There are more laws that you can go look up on

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Yes, provided they meet the other requirements and are properly registered.

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Q: What kind of citizenship do you have to have to vote for the president election?
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Why do adults vote for president?

They vote because they have an interest in the outcome of the election and because they believe that voting is a duty of citizenship.

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How does the presidential election process happen?

they vote for the best president vote for president baraco bama

Do you have to vote in the caucus to vote in the election for the president?

No, that's just for the primaries.

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In what Mouth do you vote for president?

The election is in May.

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What kind of corruption does vote early and vote often refer to?

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Do the secret service vote for president?

They can vote in the election. like everybody else.

How is the election of president different from the election of other members of the government?

Voters cast a single vote for both the President and the Vice President.

What are election votes?

It is when you vote for like .... the president or senate!

What election is one where the citizens vote for the President?

A presidential election is one where citizens vote for the President. In this type of election, voters directly choose their preferred candidate for the position of President of their country. The candidate who receives the majority of the electoral votes or the popular votes (depending on the country's system) wins the election and becomes the President.