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Q: What are the rules for discussion of the trial?
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What is the rule of trial balance?

what is the rules of trial balance

Is it possible to have a fair trial in the media?

No, it's not. A trial in a court is preferable because there are rules for procedure and evidence, conviction or acquittal. In a trial in the media, there are no rules (especially if you use "sources say").

Who can attend a pretrial conference?

For a discussion of pre-trial conferences, see the below link: :

Are contributors able to see the statements in the discussion section?

Yes they are - Unless there has been a breach of site rules in regard to the discussion content and the discussion has been removed by supervisory team members

Who make up these rules on how to use the cell phone?

What rules do you mean - use the discussion area to provide more detail !

Are there rules to follow when speaking to the president of the US?

No, not particularly, although if in a formal discussion then there are rules that accompany such a situation, and if as a member of the military to his commander, then military rules apply.

Can a Death Note kill a Vampire?

Yes , as long as the criteria set forth within the Death Note rules are followed/honored - see discussion for rules .

Can a civil case be used against you in a criminal trial?

Yes, unless the judge rules it inadmissable for some good reason.

How did the rules of rugby develop?

The rules have developed significantly since 1837. The rules are now openly avaiable on line at the IRB site and include reviewed rules and those that are being developed through actual trial play.

Will the rules of rugby change in the next ten years?

The rules (as maintained by the IRB and are available on their site) are continually being reviewed. The test rules are implemented following a period of trial in either of the Hemisphere's

Which small group format facilitates decision-making by regulating the discussion according to prescribed rules?

parliamentary procedure

Which small group format facilitates decision making by regulating the discussion according to prescribed rules?

parliamentary procedure