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"Tumbang Preso"

This is a very common game among the youth all over the country, played in backyards, parks or even in streets with less vehicular traffic. The equipment needed are empty milk can, slipper or a piece of flat stone as "pamato."

For the purpose of making the game enjoyable and exciting, the composition of players should not be more than 9. The principle involved is to hit and knock down the milk can with the "pamato," and for the IT to put back the can inside a small circle a few meters away from the toe-line. When a player is tag while re-covering his pamato, he becomes thde IT.

Rules of the Game

1. An IT, the one to guard the milk can is chosen by throwing the "pamato" to the toe line by all the players. Whoever player whose "pamato" is farthest from the toe-line is the IT.

2. The hitters will line up at the back of the toe-line and at the sign of the IT, game is started.

3. The "pamato" must be retrieved immediately once the can is knocked down, otherwise once the IT has placed the can inside the circle, the one tagged becomes the IT.

4. When the can is hit and went off the circle but remains standing, the IT has the right to tag the hitter once the hitter leaves the toe-line.

5. The can maybe kicked or knocked down under situation No. 4.

6. If a hitter is not able to retrieve his "pamato," the others can save him by hitting the can.

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Q: What are the rules for playing tumbang preso?
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