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It means that the closer (physically) you are to the president, the more influence you have over the president and the decisions he/she makes or those in the room with the president at the time decisions are made have the most influence (those in the room have the most power). For ex: the cabinet are the closest people to the president and that is why they help the president make the decisions that help the country move forward.

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Q: What are the rules of propinquity?
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Who is the House committee that sets the parameter for debate?

Rules Committee

What is the difference between rules and responsibilities?

what is the rules and responsibillities

What are the restrictive rules in house?

The house rules committee drafts rules ( open, closed, or special), for the house debate.

H L A Hart rules of change what is harts rule of chang?

Hart in his book, Concept of Law, has contemplated law to be a unification of two kinds of rules - Primary Rules and secondary rules. These two rules together make, what is known as a 'system of rules'. Secondary rules are of three types -1) Rules of change2) Rules of Adjudication3) Rules of recognitionPrimary rules and secondary rules must co-exist, each being sine qua non of the other.As per his thesis on the rules of change, he says that these are those which enables the modification of the primary rules. If primary rules are not changed then law will not be able to adapt with the changing time and will be of no use. Hart says that rules of change include repealing old rules and bringing new ones in place and amending the rules to suit the changing time and circumstance, which is in a state of constant flux.In light of a constitution, the amending power can be said to a rule of change. eg: Art 368 in the Indian Constitution is a rule of change. (It must be kept in mind that it also provides a power to the Parliament to amend, thus, is also a power conferring law).

Which committee is the traffic cop of the House?

The Rules Committee acts as the traffic officer of the House.

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Yea, rules are not Laws neither are they commandments. For that reason rules can be changed.

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