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If this is question 5, main ideas, chapter 6 review, Holt American Government, the answer is:

After a piece of legislation (bill) is introduced, the six main steps it goes through before being passed are: (1) referral to committee, (2) hearings, (3) markup, (4) floor consideration, (5) conference committee, and (6) presidential action.

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Q: What are the six steps in the legislative process after a bill is introduced?
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How parliament pass a bill?

First of all there is a bill and someone in the state parliament house wants to make it a law. So the bill gets introduced in the Legislative Assembly then it gets debated in the Legislative Assembly and if the bill gets agreed it goes all the way down to the Legislative Council and then it's the same thing the bill gets introduced in the Legislative Council and the it gets debated in the legislative Council and if it is agreed the bill is approved and then it is a law.

What does formal consideration of a bill began?

The Legislative Bill Process

What is the next step in legislative process after a bill is sponsored and introduced to the House of Representatives?

Now, here comes the answer of the question, after the bill is presented and sponsored, it is referred to the appropriate committee action in order for them to debate on it and marks up the proposed bill.

How does acts turn into law?

In general, some common steps for an act to become a law include: proposal or bill is drafted, introduced in a legislative body, reviewed and debated in committees, voted on by the legislative body, approved by both legislative houses, signed by the executive (such as the president or governor), and officially enacted.

In the steps of the legislative process the event that would happen last in the house is?

I believe it is when they have a conference committee when a temporary, joint body is created to iron out the differences in the bill. To have a compromise bill that both houses will accept.

What is the next step after a bill is introduced in the house and numbered?

It goes to Committee.

What is the first step in the legislative process How a bill become a law?

The first step is to for a member of one of Houses of Congress to introduce it for consideration. Revenue bills must be introduced in the House of Representatives.

What is the name of a rough draft of a law?

A rough draft of a law is typically referred to as a bill. Bills are proposed pieces of legislation that outline the details and intentions of a potential law before it is formally introduced and debated in the legislative process.

A process by which a committee revises a bill?

Markup is a process in which a subcommittee or a committee revises a bill that has been introduced. The committee also considers the bill in this process.

What step of the bill process do more of the bills die away?

The legislative

How does a law begin?

A law typically begins as a bill, which is a proposed piece of legislation introduced in a legislative body. The bill goes through a series of steps, including committee review, debates, amendments, and voting before it can be passed and signed into law by the relevant authority.

What are the main steps in the legislative process?

The first main step in the process of legislation being adopted by Congress in the United States is the introduction of a bill to the House of Representatives. Committee discussion is next, then a vote. If the bill passes, it gets sent to the Senate for the same consideration, then if it passes there, the President can choose to sign the bill into law or to veto it.