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The process of voting and approving bills is called the legislative process. Before a bill can become a law it has to be approved by the President.

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Q: What is the process of voting and approving bills called?
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What best describes the role the president assumes when approving bills to become laws?

Chief executive

Where is the process for passing bills located?

The process for passing bills is located in the constitution.

Are the Buffalo Bills ever called the duck bills?

No, they have never been called the duck bills.

What does the us congress do?

I think US Congress has to approve to laws and makes them, too. In the beginning of that process Congress makes bills, and at the end the presedent has to except the bill and turn it into a law.

What is a sentence with the word upright?

The senator showed her upright character by voting for bills she believed to be morally right.

How bills are passed in Indonesia?

Bills are passed in Indonesia through a body called DPR (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat/ House of Representatives) similar to the US Congress in the USA although have some differences in the process.

What are the House of Representatives bills for raising money called?

They are called appropriations bills.

Who is responsible for medical bills after divorce is in process?

the one responsible for medical bills, i think its the one who was responsible before the divorce process commenced......

Could you use upright in a sentence?

The senator showed her upright character by voting for bills she believed to be morally right.

How do old bills get taken out of circulation?

Old bills are taken out of circulation by central banks and replaced with new bills. This process is called demonetization. Old bills are typically collected by banks and then destroyed either by shredding or burning to prevent them from re-entering circulation.

Why can the lawmaking process be so time consuming?

Either... The Supreme Court must review all proposed bills before Congress can vote on them. The president can interrupt the work of Congress at any time to focus on another issue. The bills go through committees of Congress members who carefully study each new idea. or The Constitution places a time minimum for Congress to consider all new bills before voting. (:

What are the bills for raising money for the federal government called?

Revenue Bills or Tax Bills