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The United Kingdom does not have a written organized constitution like that of the United States. Still, it has a list of documents and laws it uses as such. Over the years various kings gave certain rights and procedures to the people of England and those rights became a part of the English constitution. William the conquerer gave the people jury trials and the House of Commons. Henry II gave them common Law. King John gave certain rights to the Barons and another king extended them to all the people. Over the years other kings gave the people additional rights. When the United States was founded, the rights it used the rights which kings had given the people for its Bill of Rights. King George III had taken away from the colonists, but Congress would not take them away because they were in the Constitution. This past year, Queen Elizabeth gave the people of England a Supreme Court. The English Parliament has the right to pass a law contrary to the British Constitution which makes England different from the United States. In the United States, the Supreme Court will strike down such a law. We have yet to see what the British Supreme Court will do.

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Q: What are the sources of the UK constitution?
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How many words are there in the UK Constitution?

None ! The UK does not have a written constitution ! I suppose what we have in its place is called 'Common Law', but no, Constitution we do not have.

What type of constitution dose the UK have?

it has no written constitution.

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The UK doesn't have a written constitution.

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The UK doesn't have a written constitution.

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it's not a single paper

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The UK has no written constitution.

What are sources of Botswana law?

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Does the US Constitution apply to the UK?

No. The U.S. Constitution only applies in the U.S.

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I'm no lawyer, but the constitution gives you rights and freedom do to what ever you want, while legal sources usually have contracts.

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The UK does not have a written constitution. Habeas Corpus is enshrined in a series of laws starting with Magna Carta in 1215.

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u have to pee on it