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Q: What are the three basic duties of the federal bureaucracy?
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What are the specific duties of the federal bureaucracy?

To provide for the operation of the Federal Government.

What are the three federal bureaucracy in the executive branch?

There are many bureaucracies in the executive branch of the U.S. federal government.

What three agencies make up the federal bureaucracy?

There are way more than three agencies! Perhaps you're thinking of the three branches of federal govenment: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

What is the relationship between the judiciary and the federal bureaucracy is false?

The United States government is involved with more than three-quarters of the cases brought before federal court.

What are three main duties of the group that makes federal laws?

Huh? The "group" that makes federal laws, is the U.S. Congress.

What features of a federal bureaucracy help it to run efficiently?

The Benefits of a Bureaucracy has three features-hierarchical authority, job specialization, and formalized rules-make bureaucracy the most effective way for people to work together on large and complex tasks, whether public or private.

What three basic forms do federal mandates take?


What three areas is the federal bureaucracy divided into?

There are three branches to the Federal Government. The legislative (Congress), executive (the President, departments and agencies) and judicial (the courts). I would have probably only called the departments and agencies of the executive bureaucracies.

Name three basic characteristics of an underdeveloped economy?

formality of a group and its people and how they preform their duties to their services

What are the three areas the federal bureaucracy is divided into?

The United States government is divided into three separate branches, each with distinct responsibilities. These are the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches.

What three tasks does does the federal bureaucracy perform to carry out laws passed by congress?

They decide how to apply it to daily life, develop specific rules, administer the day-to-day operations

What are three ceremonial duties of the President?

What are three ceremonial duties of the President?