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Seperation of powers , checks&balances , and federal system (federalism).

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We the People

Amendments there are 27

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Q: What are three basic principles of the US Constitution?
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Name 4 political theorists that influence the US founders and basic principles of the Constitution?

Thomas Hobbes John Locke

Did the constitution advance or set back the principles of the Revolution?

The US Constitution advance the principles of the Revolution. Many of the principles for which the Revolution was initiated were listed in the Constitution.

What are the 6 basic principles of the US Constitution?

popular soverignty limited government seperation of powers checks and balances judicial review federalism

Upon what six basic principles is the constitution built?

There are 6 basic units upon which the US Constitution was built. These units include popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, a checks and balances system, judicial review, and federalism.

What sets out all laws and principles of the gov of the us?

The US Constitution.

What are the remaining basic principles upon which the constitution is built?

There were six basic principles that the constitution was built on. Popular sovereignty, limited government, checks and balances, separation of powers, judicial review, and federalism were the principles used.

What was the US constituation about?

The Constitution is a document about laws and principles of government.

What are some basic principles of the US?

Judicial review, checks and balances, federalism, separation of powers, limited government and popular sovereignty are some of basic principles of the US.

When were the Six principles in which the US Constitution made?

i have no idea but someone said there was seen principles of the constitution and im afraid to say that they are wrong there are only six!

What are the three words of the constitution of US?

The First Three Words of the US Constitution are "We The People".

What is the highest law in the US legal system?

The US Constitution and any federal laws or treaties passed in accordance with the principles of the Constitution.

What is the name of the first pharagraph of the Constitution?

The first paragraph of the constitution is called the Preamble. The US Constitution preamble is the brief introduction of the purpose and principles of the constitution.