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Protection of life and property

Judgement in civil matters

Punishment of evildoers

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Protection of life and property

Judgment in civil matters

Punishment of evildoers

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Q: What are the three basic responsibilities god assigns to human government?
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What does constitution do for your individual rights?

It provides the backdrop for all freedoms that you retain as a human being. It is the shield which protects you from tyranny and injustice. It is the framework for all legal code in the United States and assigns the responsibilities of those people whom we elect.

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Why should the government protect the public?

it's a general answer, it's the government responsibilities, to make citizens healthy because every citizen gives a important role to make a country. human is social animal . any country government are made by country citizen. either we can say it's human right.

What are the responsbilites of an Human resource manager?

The responsibilities of a human resource manager are varied and different with each organization. But for most human resource managers here are the basic responsibilities: Department development HRIS Employee relations training and development benefits compensation organizational development executive administration employment And, HR has partial responsibilities for the some of the following areas: recruiting and staffing logistics, company employee communication, employee services, compensation and benefits administration and record-keeping.

Why is there constiution?

There is a constitution because it gives ordinary rights to humans/federal government employee's to follow. Such as basic human rights.

What are the responsibilities of Animal Cops?

the human society's responsibilities are to rescue, reserve and keep the animals alive

Why are human being deprived of their basic right?

No such thing as a basic human right.

What are human responsibilities for marine mammals?

look at them and laugh

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A business can acquire so many responsibility centers. But there are basic responsibilities in which a business is build on. Those centers are human resources and administration, accounting, production order, and legal.

What were the basic philosophical principles on which the delegates to constitutional convetional agreed?

The delegates were in general agreement about government, liberty, and the way human beings behave.

What type of government did the human Indians have?

A human government.

What are the responsibilities of the Department of Health and Human Services?

The Department of Health and Human Services has many responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include to provide healthy recommendations for a healthier well-being. Also, this department helps regulate medicines for illnesses.