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Things to do are:

1)Watch movies like

Twilight, Juno, Blades of Glory, Prom Night, Titanic, The Notebook, Grease, Big Mommas House, John Tucker Must Die, P.S. I Love You, Click, Hairspray, She's the Man, The Date Movie, or some kids favorites like Shrek, Madagascar, and Garfield

2) Girly Activities like

Makeovers, Do each others hair/nails, Blindfolded Makeovers, Go to the nail/hair salon

3) More risky activities like

Pranks, sneaking out (!!), Prank Calls, Shaving Creme, the old fether and whiped cream trick, and Water in the Sleeping Bag

4) "Circle Games" like

Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, A version of Truth or Dare: Truth, Dare, Double Dare..

5) Games like

Twister, Candy Land, Monopoly, Sorry, Life.. Other board games

6) Video Games like

Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, American Idol

7) Group Games like

Freeze Dance, Statues, Pillow Fight, Talent Show, Musical Chairs, American Idol...

8) Outdoor games like

Water Balloons, Water gun fight, Sprinklers, Pool, Races, Competitions...

9) Things on the computer like

Make a music video, YouTube, Photo-shop Pictures

10) Card Games like

Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Old Maid


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There are about 1 million awesome things to do at a sleepover. Here are some things you can do:
1.)Movie quiz- have each person write down 5 questions about a movie(this works well if you are a t a sleepover and you just came back from the movies). Then ask each other the questions. If you get it right you get a prize, and if you get it wrong you have to do a dare.
2.)Food Game- Put 3 nice foods and 3 nasty foods on a plate. Then each person takes turns rolling a dice to see what food they have to eat.
3.) You could walk to Ritas or Dairy Queen if you live near it and get Italian ice or ice cream or whatever in your PJ's like 2 minutes before it closes.
4.)If you have a cell phone, prank call any of your other friends who aren't there who have cell phones (don't call people on their home phone because trust me...parents get really mad)
5.)If you have a pool and it is warm you can go swimming in the dark.
6.) Truth or Dare.
7.) If you have a trampoline you could have a dance contest on the trampoline. This is cool to videotape. If you are looking for cool music, all i have to say is Justin Bieber.
8.) Get REALLY hyped up on sugar an watch Fred on youtube or old vids in the back of your closet, like Mary-kate and Ashley, my girl, mean girls, etc.
9.)If you and your friend have boyfriends who are friends, go on a double date if you all live near each other. This is good for like 6th grade or higher
10.)Kiss contest- Cut out a pic of a hot guy, like your BF or Justin Bieber, put on red lipstick, and try to kiss him on the lips. Whoever wins gets a Hershey Kiss.
11.) Make your own magazines- Get a lot of old mags that you don't want, like from you or your big sis. Good one would be m, tiger beat, teen vouge, seventeen,bop, twist,etc. Then get a LOT of construction paper, and cut out stuff and glue or tape it onto the paper. Then, staple or tape the pages together. You could also punch holes in the paper and put the pages in a binder.
12.)Watch a movie at midnight and make this snack: Get a paper lunch bag for each person. Get all of the snacks in your house and put whatever you like into the bag. Good stuff to do this with would be popcorn, baked cheetos, gummi bears, Chocolate Chips, regular chips, pretzels,etc. Shake it up, and then you're done!
13.)If there is a girl that used to be your friend but now you hate her and you have her email address, make up a fake email(you can do it free on gmail) that is really stupid like, and send mean emails to her.
14.) Do blindfolded makeovers... be sure to take pictures this is totally hilarious!
15.)Watch George Lopez from 10 to 11, or whenever it is on. It is on Nick@Nite. Me and my friend always watch it LOL it is so funny!
16.)Some thing cool to do is meet your friend at Aeropostale or where ever you shop for clothes and buy stuff, then go to one of your houses and have a sleepover. You should probably plan this, but if you like spontaniously meet her there she could just wear the clothes she bought the next day and or her mom could bring over her stuff. Then have a fashion show in your new clothes!
17.) Never Never have I ever- Each person gets 10 pieces of Candy. Sit in a circle and start with one person saying something she has never done, such as"Never Never have I ever kissed anyone" (I have) If you have done it before, you have to eat a piece of your candy, Whoever runs out of Candy first loses, and you keep going until only one person has candy left, and she is the winner.
18.)If you have 4 or more people, play American Idol with one person singing and the other three people the judges. Make sure everyone sings, even if the don't want to. If people really don't want to sing, you could let them dance or something. Who ever gets the highest score gets a prize. (19) 1minute in heaven (this is if you have boys at the sleepover to) Here is how you play- Grab something that spins and has two different looking sides, like a pen. Pick one person to pick a edge and then who ever gets that side has to pick one of each gender to kiss, depends if your gay or not!
20) hide n seek- play in inside or out it is a god thing to do when bored

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Here's a bunch of games to play at your next slumber party:

Get everyone to lay face down on the floor and be as quiet as they can. This game is called "Silent Mice". People are removed from the game where they have made any noise; the winner is the player who is able to make the least amount of noise. You could be the noise-detective, or one of the girls could be.

Ask the girls to sit down in a couple of sides facing each other and play "Beauty Race". In front of each girl will be a hair band, a lipstick, some blusher and a pair of gloves. Each girl must put on all of these accessories when you say 'start'. The next girl in the team starts when the girl before her has succeeded. The winning team is the first one with each of its members accessorized.

To play "Famous People", cut out pictures in newspapers of famous celebrities and place them face-down into a plate. Each player must retrieve two clippings and make up a tale about how they are related and how she has become close to them both. This is lots of fun.

Board Games are a straightforward way to keep everyone having a good time, especially when a few of the girls have fallen asleep and you're searching to keep happy those who are still awake.

Using nail varnish that is child-friendly and the girls' own brushes, let the girls play "Beauty Salon". Girls adore being fussed over and this is a great break between games.

"Who Am I Acting Like?": taking turns, each girl pretends to be someone else (a famous person, someone from history, someone they know), and the rest of the group have to find out who they are. The girl who solves the puzzle becomes the pretender.

Create an obstacle course by using soft furnishings and the sleeping bags of the players. This game is called "Obstacle Course". So they can race against each other, there should be a couple of teams. You do not need to have two teams if you do not have a lot of room. Including missions at each obstacle will help those who are not as sporty feel part of the game.

One girl is chosen to stand on the opposite side of the room from the other players and is called the Sleep Princess. This game is called "Who's Asleep?". The rest of the players sit away from the other girl, facing away from the other girl. Randomly, each player must do a fake snore, and The goal of the guesser is to determine whose snore is whose upon each playing doing a fake snore. Both girls swap places if the guesser figures out who snored on their first guess.

Scary tales are enjoyable to share during a slumber party. This obviously depends upon how old the group is and if you think it's proper. Check online for some tales you might be able to include (and perhaps adapt to make them into your own).

By laying on her back, one of the girls is required to pretend to be asleep. This is how "No Smiling" is played. The rest of the players have to make her smile or laugh, while she attempts to maintain a sleeping face. The player who is able to make her laugh or smile, swaps places with her.

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You can play games, watch movies, talk about your crushes, have snacks, make things, dance, drink, play spin the bottle, truth dare double dare love kiss or hate, drink lot's of fizzy drinks and monster energy drink, go down the stairs in a sleeping bag (so funny:P), play the chocolate game, play the flour game, sneak out, play knock down ginger at 3:00 A.M., and have fun !!!!! x

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Funkybearswww3 says:

best things to do r: (Not in order of best to worst)

1. do each others nails

2. do each others make-up

3. prank call

4. night games

5. scary stories outside in the dark on a tramp

6. hide and seek at night outside with flashlights

7. border crossing (A game where one person stands in the middle of a large room with lots of furniture with a flashlight, and circles it around the dark room slowly. if she sees someone "crossing the border" she calls out their name and they have to start over. the object of the game is to get to the other side of the room without being seen. the winner is whoever gets there first.)

8. extreme slap-jack

9. apples to apples (A card game)

10. board games

11. necklace/bracelet making

12. movies w/ popcorn

13. sleeping contest (whoever stays up latest wins!)

14. draw a mustache on whoever falls asleep first

15.truth or dare outside at night

16. ding-dong ditching at night

17. Sleepover Hall of Fame pillowcases (bring old pillowcases, sign each others names w/ sharpies on them, every time u have a sleepover with someone new have them sign it)

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Talk about boys(:

do blind folded makeovers

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pillow fight rent movies silly string fight (make sure its outside) play freeze dance truth or dare bind makeovers just have fun and hang out

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There is a lot of stuff one could do such as watch a movie, play some sort of game, eat junk food, play board games, talk about boys or girls, and your crush.

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There are a number of activities one can do at a slumber party. Some good ideas include makeovers, Karaoke, pillow fights, truth or dare, charades or food testing games.

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