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Children might get involve in criminal activities

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problems problems problems

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children can get into drug addiction

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Q: What are three consequences that are likely to occur as a result of poor socialization practices?
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Socialization leads to apathy. Apathy in a majority of people leads to less production and a weakening economy. A weakening economy will result in the need for more socialization

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What are some of the consequences listed on the website that are the result of substance abuse?

the consequences are bad for the person they could get arrested

What are some of the consequences listed on the website that are result of substance abuse?

the consequences are bad for the person they could get arrested

When people don't live up to their personal responsibilities each of these consequences is likely to occur EXCEPT?

When people don't live up to their personal responsibilities, consequences such as strained relationships, loss of trust, and negative impacts on self-esteem are likely to occur. However, an exception could be experiencing improved communication skills as a result of addressing and resolving the issue.