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Power, wealth, Natural Resources

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Q: What are three reasons that nations completed for colonies in Africa Asia and other parts of the world?
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Which European nations owned which pacific rim colonies?

africa zulu.......

Why did European nations want to establish colonies in Africa?

It was colonized because there was a lot of gold and diamonds in Africa

Reasons for expansion of World War 1 to Asia Africa and the pacific?

World War I expanded to Asia, Africa, and the Pacific for several reasons. For one, the countries involved in World War 1 has colonies in Asia and Africa. This included Tanganyika, which was under German rule. In addition to German East Africa, the British governed Hong Kong, which was physically located within China. To protect their respective colonies, the nations involved had no choice but to bring the war to these areas.

In which taime period Europe founded colonies in the Americas Africa's and Spain?

The Rise of Nations.

Was Africa owned by the Europeans?

Historically, many European nations had colonies in Africa. However, Europe never "owned" the continent.

Why did so many European Nations acquire colonies in Africa between 1870-1914?

This practice of having colonies was called Imperialism and there were several reasons for it. This was durinbg the time of industrialization, when nations were building factories and mass-producing things. Colonies were a way to get cheap natural resources and cheap labor. They also created new markets for selling the things that the factories produced. More than just an econimic issue, colonies were a badge of status. The more colonies a nation had, the more powerful it was. It was basically a competition between the nations.

Why did Europe had an military interest in Africa colonies?

If Europe has African colonies, they are obviously going to want military there for many reasons.

What is it called when European nations claimed colonies in Africa and Asia?

It is commonly described as "the age of Imperialism".

What european nations had colonies in Africa?

Great Britain France Germany Portugal Italy Belgium

Why were the colonies of Asia and Africa drawn into ww1?

The colonies of Africa and Asia belonged to the nations fighting WWI. Naturally, those colonies aided their mother country on the path to Victory. Also, some colonies (such as German Tanganyika) had soldiers stationed in the region. They fought and invaded their enemy's colonies and colonial forces.

What were the 8 european countries that had colonies in africa?

Many settled in modern-day South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Madagascar, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Senegal. These nations still retain considerable white populations.

WhaT colony sent ships to Africa?

It's hard to say. Many nations/colonies/shipbuilders sent ships to Africa, so there's not a definite answer.