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He/she needs to be above thirty-five he/she needs to be born in the U.S.A. he/she must be a U.S.A. citizen

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1. Be 35 years or older

2. Be a natural born citizen of the USA

3. Not have served two previous terms as a US Presdent

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Q: What are three things someone needs to become president?
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What traits would a person need to become a president?

The traits a person would need to become a president is loyalty, honesty, and take responsibility. This is all someone needs to become the president.

Why does the president need a budget adviser?

Well the president needs a budget adviser because sometimes different amounts of money needs to go to different things. Sometimes its best to have someone say how much you can spend, and how much needs to go to different things.

Where does a new vice president come from if the current one needs to take overs as president?

In this situation, the new president will nominate someone to be Vice-president . If both houses of Congress agree, the nominee become the VP.

What are the duties of the executive vice president of marketing?

they help the president do paperwork and get things the president needs.

What are the qualifications needs to become a president?

a citizen of Indiaof 35 years of age or abovequalified to become a member of the Lok Sabhathese are the qualifications needed to become an eligible president.

What do cabnent members do?

They tell the president that someone needs to teach kids how to spell.

Can a non- US resident become president?

A non us citizen cannot become president because he or she needs to reside in the United States of America and be an official citizen.

Why is it important to know the order of succession of a president dies in office?

When a president dies, it is important for someone to take his place. That should be the vice president. However, if an attack happened and the vice president dies with the president, there is a protocol for who gets the job next. That person has to have the nuclear launch codes and needs to take charge of the military. A president has a big job and someone needs to be our leader.

What kind of experience do you need to become president of the US?

he needs to know economics and politics

What is one of the requirements a person needs to become a president?

To be at least 35 years old.

What are the needs to become president?

i think u have 2 be born in america, and over 30

What is the unoofficial qualification that someone needs to be elected president?

Born citizen, age 35+