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Do you mean the three branches Of Government??

those are Legeslative, Executive, and Judicial

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Q: What are tree levels of government?
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What is the levels of the government?

what is the mayor's level of government

What are the 3 levels of the US government?

The 3 levels of the U.S. government are: -State Government -Local Government -National Government

What are the Levels and types of government?

In the United States there are three basic levels of government, They are:* Federal government; * State government; and * Local government.

Are there different levels of government?

yes there is different levels of government for each state

Define depth of the tree with example?

The number of levels in the tree is called the ''Depth'' of the Tree. Example: O / \ O O levels of a tree showing Depth. / \ / \ O O O O

What are the levels of organization in a tree?

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How many levels of government are found in US?

The three levels of government are State, Federal,and Property

Why does Canada have 3 levels of government?

Canada has 3 levels of government because if there was only one that one government could not do everything so the divided it into 3 levels of government so every level has there own jobs and responsibility's!

What has a been a trend in the 20th century?

growing levels of government spending <------------------ APEX :)

What are the 3 levels of government in Canada?

Federal Government, Provincial Government, Local Government

What are the levels of government in Canada?

The Levels of Government from Highest to lowest is:The Federal,the Provincial,Territorial,and the Municipal level.

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