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An organized government is one that has leaders and structure. It might have a single leader, or numerous leaders with different levels of authority. An organized government would have departments, branches, and levels of control.

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Q: What is an organized government?
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How was the colonial government organized?

How was the colonial government organized?

Are organized government and religion a vital part of civilization?

The role of government in an organized society is to impose law and order. Without a government, an organized society would cease to be organized.

Rulers run a great organized government from a what?

the rulers run a well organized government from a capital city.

What is the study of the way in which people have organized their system of government called?

Political science studies government and how it is organized.

Was the Nazis government poorly organized?

It was extremely well organized.

How was the republican government organized?


How was the legislature organized?

the government

Did the Inuits have a government?

Yes they did have a government but they weren't organized by one

How was the apache government organized?

They were in small bands and they didn't have a government

How are most city governments organized?

The government organized by some people can have a say

Was the Mycenaean's government organized?


How was the mycenean government organized?

the Mycenaean government was organized by a number of steps called the quell records. they used skill and determination to create the government. all other evidence is lost