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The president is responsible for filling the many different cabinet positions within the executive branch of government. While congress has provided the president with the ability to do this in their own way there are 5 main factors that all presidents use for selecting these cabinet members. These factors include competency, confirmation viability, cohesion, loyalty, and prudence.

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Experience; knowledge of the particular area covered by the agency (for example, the director of the Dept. of Agriculture should have expertise in farming, ranching or agriculture); a good reputation; the ability to get things done; the ability to work well with the president and the majority party in congress.

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There are several factors that the president considers when selecting the head of a cabinet department. The president will look at the previous history of the candidate and make sure they have the experience and morals to do the job.

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For the departments of state, justice,treasury and defense, he needs somebody who is competent and , of course loyal to his plans and ideals. For the other departments, almost anyone whom the senate will confirm, will do an adequate job, so he picks people who will help him politically, or have helped him, or sometimes, he wants diversity, and will pick an Hispanic, a Black, a woman, maybe a Jew, as needed to fill out his cabinet.

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Q: What are two factors the president considers when selecting the head of a cabinet department?
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What is the cabinet and of what use is the cabinet to the president?

The cabinet gives the President a DEPARTMENT.

Was there a 1979 cabinet addition to the president's cabinet?

Yes, the Department of Education.

What are the heads of department that assists the president called?

Cabinet Secretaries

Who approves of the head of cabinet department?

The senate approves the head of the cabinet department.

Who represents each executive department?

The president and the cabinet

What is the department that helps the President?

the department that helps the president is the executive branch who are the vice prez & the cabinet

Is the head of the federal department in the president's cabinet?

That depends on the department. If the department is a Cabinet Level department (Defense, Interior, etc.) the head is a cabinet secretary, while other departments (Postal Service, Fish and Wildlife Department) are not Cabinet Level and therefore their heads are not cabinet secretaries.

What are the responsibilites of the president's cabinet?

They are the heads of the department they represent.

What president cabinet is responsible for commuter problems?

The department of transportation

What is the president's cabinet?

The president's cabinet is made up of 15 Secretaries of the various departments of the federal government (State Department, Department of Commerce, Defense Department, etc) plus the Attorney General who heads Justice. They manage their departments and give the President information and advice about their area. Sometimes the Vice-president, the UN ambassador and other officials "of cabinet rank" are included in the cabinet.

What is the cabinet room?

Do you mean the cabinet department? A group of men and women who are the President's closest advisors?

What are the responsibility of the president cabinet?

The Presidential Cabinet advises the President on issues pertains to their department. They support him by keeping him informed about the 15 different offices.