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nothing at all this Google is wak

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Q: What are two unique features of NY state constitution?
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Describeat least two democratic features of connecticuts government?

Connecticut is known as the Constitution state. As a result, all elections are decided by the public at large. Amendments to the state constitution also have to be validated by the public.

How many types of constitution do you have?

we have two type of Constitution Direct constitution and Indirect Constitution that is type of constitution we have

What are two unique features about primates?

Thumbs and the ability to walk upright

What are two ways in which the us constitution and the state constitution are similar?

There various ways that the US Constitution and state constitutions are similar. The two main ways are the fact that they both define governments and allow for amendments.

What are the two governments that Constitution provides for the?

Federal and State

Which two regions are named because of physical features that are common to the group of state?

The Pfalz and Palatine are the two regions that are named because of the physical features that are common to the group of state.

The Constitution gave each state what?

Two Senators.

What is the only state with two unique names in its name?

Rhode Island

What is known as all the human and physical features that make a place unique?

In geography, there are two types of features, natural features and human features. Human features are anything that is built by humans (not something formed naturally). Housing areas and parks are examples of human features.

The Constitution requires that state governments?

reflect the two party system

How the amend the constitution?

Two thirds of a state have to vote, or two thirds of each house has to vote.