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Article V. In other words, Article 5.

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Q: What article of the constitution is the amending the constitution in?
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Article 5 deals with what concept?

amending the constitution amending the constitution

What article provides for amending the constitution?

Article 5: Amending the Constitution Two Thirds of both houses

Which article of the US Constitution deals with amending the Constitution?

Article Five

Amending the constitution?

article v

What process of amending the Constitution is discussed which article?

article 5

What process does Article V of the Constitution describe?

Amending the Constitution

What article of constitution outlines the process of amending the constitution?

Amendment 5. Cheers!

The process of amending the constitution is discussed which article of confederation?

Article V of the Constitution spells out the processes by which amendments can be proposed and ratified.

Article V?

The process for amending the Constitution is described. The states are responsible for ratifying amendments.

Where in the constitution in the legislative branch mentioned?

The Legislative Branch is created via article I of the constitution. However, the legislative branch also plays a major role in article V, which concerns amending the constitution.

What is Article 5 of the Constitution outlines a second method for amending the Constitution?

a convention made up of two-thirds of the states can propose an amendment.

Article V of the Constitution explains how to amend the document. How many methods of changing text of the constitution does it provide?

Article V provides two methods of amending the Constitution, one starting with Congress and the other starting with the states.