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The Althing (Iceland's parliament).

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Q: What assembly was convened in the year 930?
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How can people participate in a democratic government aside from voting?

The election of officials occurred only during the 482-year period of the Roman Republic. During the subsequent 503-year period of rule by emperors (27BC-476 AD), officials were appointees of the emperors. During the Republic citizens also voted on bills. In the Early Republic the soldiers convened in the Assembly of the Soldiers and voted on bills proposed by the consuls (the two annually elected heads of the Republic). Later, the plebeians (commoners) convened in the Plebeian Council (the assembly of the plebeians) voted on bills proposed by the plebeian tribunes. The Assembly of the Soldiers elected the senior officials and voted on war and peace. It also acted as an appeal court for death penalty cases until 82 BC. The Assembly of the Tribes (administrative districts), which convened all citizens, elected the junior officials and acted as a court of appeal for all other cases until 82 BC. In 82 BC appeal cases were transferred to a special jury court, the quaestiones perpetuae. There were also the plebeian tribunes who were elected by the Plebeian Council, presided over this assembly and were the representatives of the plebeians. They were not officers of state. Through their role as representatives of the plebeians and with the Plebeian Council becoming the legislative body, they could have a lot of power.

When does the general assembly convene each year and how long are the regular sessions?

The Georgia General Assembly meets each year for a forty-day session, beginning on the second Monday in January.

Why was a convention convened in Annapolis in 1786?

To discuss Shays’s Rebellion in Massachusetts

Every year the members of the Athenian Assembly chose the Council of 500 by?

demorcratic vote

What is the significanse of the date 1787?

The constitutional convention was convened and the following states voted for radification: Deleware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.