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Edward Braddock was leader of the colonies during the French and Indian War, also called the Seven Years War. He died during a battle in 1755. He never led a battle in the Revolutionary War.

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Q: What battles did Edward Braddock fight in as a british general in the Revolutionary War?
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Which british general died during an attack on fort duquense?

Edward Braddock.

Who won the battles in the Revolutionary War?

The British because General Charles Cornwallis was forced to surrender.

Was edward braddock french or english?

General Edward Braddock was British.

Who was Edward braddock-?

he was a British general that lead an expidition against the french at fort dunquesne

Military aide of British General Braddock and defender of the frontier?

George Washington was military aide of British General Braddock. He was also a defender of the frontier in the Americas.

Who was general edward braddock commander of?

The British Force

Military aide of British General Braddock and defender of the frontier after Braddock's defeat?

George Washington

What was the the commander of the British forces in America?

General Edward braddock

Blundering British officer whose defeat gave advantage to the French and Indians in the early stages of their war?

General Braddock

How many British were there in the battle of Monongahela?

General Braddock had 1,300 troops and militia at his command.

The commander of the British forces in America was?

The answer is General Cornwallis .

Why did General Braddock's attack on Fort Duquesne fail?

while General Braddock was overseeing the attack , he was shot through the lungs , so then the solders had no commands and eventually the officers ( under Braddock ) organized a retreat . Over half the British force was killed or wounded.