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Then the government would be stronger because they would focus more on the government. Then just on their family. There would be more jobs and trading and also less wars happening.

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Q: What benefits might government officials have if positions in China were based on examination results rather than family ties?
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What benefits might government officials have in positions in china were based on examination results rather than family ties?

Then the government would be stronger because they would focus more on the government. Then just on their family. There would be more jobs and trading and also less wars happening.

What are the benefits of becoming a scholar-official?

Officials were chosen from the small group of scholars who were able to read and write Chinese.

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Ensure that their government and public officials are not corrupt.

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What Is The Nomenklatura?

The nomenklatura was an elite group of government officials and bureaucrats in the Soviet Union who held key positions of power and privilege. Members of the nomenklatura had access to special perks and benefits, and were often able to secure jobs for their family members through their connections. They played a significant role in maintaining the stability of the Soviet system.

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Is the widow of a late national guardsman entitled to any government benefits?

Perhaps state benefits but not government benefits

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When a president wins an election, they acquire the authority to hold the highest office in the country and become the head of state and government. They are given a range of powers and responsibilities, including the ability to make and enforce laws, represent the nation domestically and internationally, and appoint key officials to various positions in the government. Additionally, they receive a salary and benefits package.

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any benefits

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Union Pacific offers many benefits to their employees after they've been through a probationary period. The benefits vary according to the positions and the jobs.

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Local and state government positions come with excellent benefits including health insurance. Large corporations like Olan Mills, JcPenny and Autozone also offer health insurance.

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Getting hired for a government job is a goal of many people. Government jobs can provide exceptional experience, rewarding employment benefits, and valuable opportunities to advance in a profession. Government hiring for positions is often based upon funding available to support payroll and the need of specific positions being filled. Many government jobs are offered through contract employment and the employee, once hired, is guaranteed employment for a certain amount of time. This can lead to stable employment and an opportunity to gain a working knowledge within different branches of government careers. The jobs that are available through the government range widely in many different professions. From security careers, highway and transportation occupations, social services, legal system jobs, administrative, business management, architecture positions, and medical services, government hiring positions are nearly unlimited in variations. Entry level jobs are available through government offices, health care clinics, court house secretarial positions, and construction. Many of these entry level jobs can be obtained with a high school diploma or a technical degree. Advancement is possible with government jobs and most administrative positions are given above average pay, good work benefits, and holidays off. Individuals who are interested in applying for a variety of government jobs can check local online listings through the correct government websites. Some jobs require specialty training in order to gain employment with the government. Jobs such as these can include court reporting and medical billing and coding. There are schools specifically to teach these trades and upon graduation, students will be qualified to go into private sector employment, as well as qualified to apply for desirable and well-paying government positions. From manual labor positions, engineering, medical employment, to professional office administration and more, government hiring is done on a continual basis and many positions are in constant need of fulfillment. Individuals seeking government occupations within their community or region can contact their state's primary website and search job listing postings. Job listings for government hiring can also be found through county government websites and through local community newspapers.