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the bill of peace and love

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Q: What bill does Polk say was passed by the Senate?
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What bill does Polk say was passed by senate?

the bill of peace and love

What part of the British government passed the acts?

The British gov't works like Canada's. Acts and bills originate in the House of Commons, where they are then sent to the Senate. The senate acts as "a sober second thought" and advises changes which may need to be made. If there are no issues, then the bill is forwarded to the Queen who has the final say. She then signs the bill, and it becomes a law.

Is the senate the upper house or lower house?

The lower house is usually the House of Representatives. When a bill is first introduced, read by everyone in the house and placed on the agenda for the next session, the bill is then debated, scrutinized and requesting for amendments in the lower house. When the bill is accepted through the House of Representatives (lower house), the bill is then passed on to the upper house (Senate House) and further debated upon. If the majority of seats in the Senate House belongs to the Government Party, the bill can be easily passed through. If the majority of seats belongs to the Opposition, the passing of the bill might get complicated. The debating of passing the bill is pursued and voted upon. If the bill needs amendments, it'll be passed back to the lower house and the entire process is repeated until the bill is passed to both the houses (bicameral legislature) Easy to say, the lower house is where the Prime Minister lives and where most the heat begins, and the upper house has the authority to refuse the bill and knock it back.

Who approves a bill before the president signs it?

A bill goes to the house of representatives (435 people), is the majority of them say yes then the bill moves onto the Senate (100 people). If the majority of the Senate says yes. (If there is a tie then the Vice President votes on the bill breaking the tie.)Then the bill goes to the President. If the President gets the law and never says anything for ten days the bill automatically becomes a 'pocket veto' and it can try this process of becoming a law again and again. If the President says no then the bill automatically becomes a 'veto' and can try the process of becoming a law as many times as it wants.BUT when a law become a veto it has the chance to 'override' the president (if over half of the House of Representatives say yes then it moves to the Senate- If over half of the senate say yes then the law can skip past the Presidents answer and it automatically becomes a law.)[BILL]-[SENATE]-[PRESIDENT]-[LAW]+(OVERRIDE)

F the standing committee votes in favor of a bill where does it go for further approval?

It goes to the floor of the body of the house for a vote. Let's say it is in the Senate, goes to committee, and then it goes back to the Senate for a vote. Once that is done it goes to the house and the process starts over.

Has Florida approved the Don't Say Gay bill..I hope not?

The "Don't Say Gay" Bill, also referred to as the "Classroom Protection Act", was an attempt to promote alternative lifestyles in classrooms. As of July 2013, Florida has not passed this bill.

If the president vetoes a bill passed by congress then what does the supreme court do?

The court does nothing in this case. The job of the court is to review laws that have been passed by Congress. It has no say about bills that are defeated by a veto or other fail to be passed.

How was James Polk involved in the Oregon trail?

The Mexican War took place while Polk was President. Polk asked Congress for a declaration of war with Mexico so you might say he started it. Polk also ended the war.

What is Presidents power to say no to a bill passed by congress?

The President has the right to refuse to sign any bill passed by Congress. The failing to sign is known as a veto.Congress can then try pass the bill with a 2/3 favorable vote and make it law without the President's signature, but that is often impossible .

What kind of vote does it take to pass the healthcare bill?

At least half of the senate should say 'Yes' but every single republican, and about 24 democrats may say 'no'.

How do you know that bill is originated by the congress or president?

Bills can be passed into law only by the congress; the president can not create any bills. The President could write a proposed bill and get some member of Congress to introduce it and if this happens, you might say the president originated a bill. However, no bill of any importance goes through Congress without substantial changes and usually the House and Senate produce different versions of the bill which must be rectified into one. If the president said before hand that he was going to push certain legislation and if he makes a strong effort to twist arms and spend political capital to get it passed, you might give him credit for originating it.

What does the Senate in France do?

Votes on and ammend laws that are passed by the National Assembly. Both Houses are involved in the passing of legislation, but in the event of a dispute the National Assembly has the final say.